Continual Growth and Innovation

From 1999 Until Today.

Viamedici was founded in 1999 and is privately owned. Within only a few years we have developed to one of the leading vendors of enterprise software for product management and product marketing. With representations in the USA, Japan, Hong Kong, and Switzerland and an international network of implementation and distribution partners, Viamedici now has worldwide presence. Numerous well-known companies such as Bosch Rexroth, Knauf, Kaercher, Trumpf and Sick trust in our solutions for the optimization of their product management and marketing processes.

  • 2017Agile development and continuous supply process. New features, functions and improvements delivered to customers in a 6-week update cycle.
  • 2016Performance optimization, state-of-the-art in-memory computing technology released. Viamedici Software Lab established in Romania with first scrum teams. Additional teams planned.
  • 2014VCloud-based offers with Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. First customers such as Kärcher implement Viamedici’s attractive cloud offer to maximize their global performance and reduce costs.
  • 2012Viamedici supplements its product portfolio with solutions for mobile devices.
  • 2010Viamedici further expands its product portfolio and develops increasingly to a full-range supplier for product management and product marketing.
  • 2009With now over 100 productive customers, Viamedici is one of the leading vendors for product information management and cross media publishing. The portfolio is extended with a powerful ecommerce platform.
  • 2007Viamedici begins building up an international sales and service network. Representations are established in the US, Japan and Hong Kong.
  • 2005As one of the first software companies, Viamedici supports the SAP platform NetWeaver and offers certified integrations with SAP application server, portal and integration platform. 
  • 2004A representation in Vienna is established. Eberhard Faerber, co-founder and long-term CEO of IXOS, joins the circle of Viamedici investors as yet another experienced IT entrepreneur. Viamedici develops to market leader to cross media publishing solutions.
  • 2003Best integration ability and comprehensive SAP certification make Viamedici EPIM the "Publishing Engine for SAP Solutions". Joint road shows intensify sales in DACH. 
  • 2002With long-year SAP Sales Director Hans Schlegel and his business partners Ernie Gunst and David Steicke, an experienced and well-connected investor team was attained. The cooperation with SAP is intensified and the focus on the industry sector was further promoted.
  • 2001Viamedici concentrates increasingly on the industry sector and optimizes its software solutions with regard to integration ability to ERP and PDM systems.
  • 2000Only few months after the company is founded, the first well-known industrial customers are won to join the ranks with diverse publishing and media companies. 
  • 1999A group of leading employees leaves the traditional G. Braun publishing house and founds the company Viamedici with the ambitious goal to develop a real-time publishing solution for businesses. 
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