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Interview with Partner Adscape: PIM consulting and the implementation of a PIM system

What does a PIM integration or PIM consulting look like? Interview with Marco Kahler, CEO Adscape.

How does a neutral PIM consulting fit together with the implementation of a PIM system? Which challenges, for example, must be met in order to introduce Product Information Management? Questions answered by Marco Kahler, CEO of the project integrator and consulting firm Adscape.

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Data Management in the Age of Medical Device Regulation: Data Governance and Compliance

Data processing in the age of MDR will challenge the medical industry in the future.

What does Medical Device Regulation (MDR) mean for companies in the medical technology sector? What challenges will it face and what requirements must future Product Information Management in particular meet? With regard to our in-house EPIM suite, we shed some light on the situation.

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Certification Program EPIM Administrator 2020 Dates Announced

The Viamedici training program offers user training covering the basics of the Viamedici Enterprise Product Information Management Suite (EPIM4) in addition to a certification program. The certification is aimed at future administrators and prepares participants for the upcoming rollout of EPIM4. Below you will find the content of the certification program as well as the dates and registration form for the first half of the year.

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The Customer Value Leadership Award 2019 for EPIM4 goes to Viamedici

Based on its recent analysis of the European product information management (PIM) market for manufacturing, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Germany-headquartered Viamedici Software GmbH (Viamedici) with the 2019 European Customer Value Leadership Award for its comprehensive PIM and product data management solution - a summary.

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Viamedici EPIM User Training: New Dates Set for 2020

The 2020 training program for future users of Viamedici’s PIM system has been scheduled. In specially optimized trainings, we prepare you comprehensively for your daily work with Viamedici-EPIM (Enterprise Product Information Management). In small groups of three to six participants, the practical basics of the current version EPIM4 are taught in line with standard use scenarios. See an overview of the training below as well as the direct registration for the course.

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Innovationday 2019: Discover Digital Excellence

Under the motto 'Discover Digital Excellence', Viamedici Software GmbH presented the eighth Innovationday on 24 September 2019. In addition to comprehensive coverage of the topic, which dealt with the question of how digitization can be made future-proof, the software company from Ettlingen near Karlsruhe also sharpened its focus on the far-reaching network of invited customers, interested parties and numerous partners. The program also included lectures by high-class speakers and software specialists - a summary.

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Viamedici EPIM4: Training Dates 2019

Beginning mid-year, we open our doors here in Ettlingen to 'knowledge seekers'! On a total of ten dates, we offer user trainings that give you the chance for a deep-dive into Viamedici’s product information management, EPIM4.

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Technical paper: How PIM-systems help to implement the Medical Device Regulation (MDR)

Since the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) wich came to effect in 2007 and has to be implemented untill May 2020, hard times began for the medical industry. For many companies, this is a hard challenge that can endager their existence. This article deals with the issue of how PIM-systems can create the transparacy wich is decreed in the MDR.

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The new product configurator from Viamedici improves your product sales

With Smart Product Configuration, Viamedici Software GmbH from Ettlingen offers an ideal supplement to its shopping solution. Combined with product selection, offer configuration and purchasing process, it ensures a seamless shopping experience and supports the administration of individually configured and standardized products.

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Frost & Sullivan Product Leadership Award 2018 goes to Viamedici

Viamedici’s EPIM4 wins the coveted award for outstanding PIM performance. In particular, the functionality of the software, the high process efficiency and the customer benefit are outstanding as highlighted in the report.

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Zarges relies on Product Information Management (PIM) from Viamedici

In the interview, Simone Harrer, Product Manager for Ladders and Steps at Zarges, talks about agile and media-neutral data management and how Viamedici prepared the company for the introduction of the new Product Information Management with training sessions.

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Viamedici EPIM: Baumit living dreams becomes reality

Baumit helps you to make your dreams come true, and Viamedici Software GmbH supports Baumit in their planned digitization and EPIM implementation. In this interview, you will learn how important it is for a company with a long tradition to keep its finger on the pulse of the times.

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The dental specialist Renfert uses the EPIM from Viamedici

True to the motto 'making work easy', Renfert's omnichannel strategy for dental technicians and dentists was implemented using Viamedici EPIM and the omnichannel box from Viamedici partner infolox.

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EPIM4 - Next Generation Enterprise PIM

The latest platform is now available for the Enterprise Product Information Management Suite EPIM. EPIM4 includes elements such as Total Quality Management, Data Governance, and Channel Management. In this article, we show you all the features and innovations in EPIM4.

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The Viamedici Cloud Center: EPIM in the digital cloud

The Viamedici Cloud Center offers you everything you need to drive digital transformation in your business. With the Viamedici Cloud, your company can use Viamedici services and associated technologies more easily, quickly and cost-effectively directly in the cloud - without having to consider or invest in the local infrastructure. A product overview.

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Stronger Presence in the USA and Latin America

Viamedici Announces Stronger Presence in the USA and Latin America With New Partner Nytro Marketing Inc.

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Viamedici supports Kärcher with digitization via EPIM

Kärcher relies on Viamedici EPIM to centrally manage product information company-wide and to publish it in all defined languages across all media and channels. Below, you will find an interview on the subject of digitization for a global corporation.

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Golden Record for thousands of products: Sick relies on Viamedici EPIM

Sick AG is one of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial sensors. To provide a uniform cross-media solution for all its product data, the company started the 'Golden Record' project in cooperation with Viamedici. In this article, we show what the implementation of such a project could look like.

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Viamedici EPIM in use at the company Lapp

Up to now, translating the main catalog consisting of 1,100 pages into 16 languages has been a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. Thanks to Viamedici EPIM, this process has become much faster and more efficient. In this article, we show how the Lapp Group benefits from its Product Information Management (PIM).

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