Cloud computing: What are the drivers for the path to the digital cloud (study)

According to the recently published KPMG’s Cloud Monitor 2020 the cloud has finally been adopted by German mid-sized companies. This means that at least 76 percent of German companies with 20 or more employees rely on cloud infrastructures. The cloud is considered to be an important contribution to the digitalization of these companies - from the digitalization of internal processes to the development of digital business models. A summary.  

According to the study, cloud computing helps improve collaboration between business and IT departments (70 percent) and digitize internal processes (69 percent). Particularly noteworthy is the new way of thinking that has now become established among customers: for them, cloud computing is not just about the classic IT infrastructure, but rather about integration capability and interoperability.   

The integration of the cloud into the existing IT infrastructure is always faced with special challenges. Different productive systems have to be brought under one roof - topics such as security and compliance must be considered in parallel and individually adapted to customer requirements.   

CEO Viamedici Software GmbH - Jürgen Müller

According to the study, companies are particularly interested in their cross-system processes; roles and the corresponding authorizations must continue to be organized, even in the cloud. Interoperability has experienced a ten percent increase (37 percent). In other words, open interfaces and cross-system IT standards are a must-have necessity. These must-have standards will continue to make companies competitive in the future. At least KPMG is certain of this: "All that is missing now is a well-thought-out multi-cloud strategy in which different cloud solutions interact together. And this particularly affects companies that have already integrated the cloud into their IT landscape but want to develop it in a future-proof way - relying on the appropriate standards. 

Particularly in terms of security and infrastructure, our customers are now aware that Viamedici, as a cloud service provider, guarantees three important tasks which they would otherwise have to laboriously take on themselves. 

-  Continuous data backup 

-  Updating the hardware including software updates 

-  Cyber security 

CEO Viamedici Software GmbH - Jürgen Müller

DSGVO, high availability, exit strategy and data encryption

For cloud providers, it is of importance to pay attention to the criteria and services offered by the industry to stay competitive.  

Although compliance with the DSGVO is at the top of the list, location factors such as the cloud provider's or data centre's place of business are becoming less important. After all, 65 percent of the companies would like a cloud in the EU legal area. Transparent security architecture (88 percent), high availability (87 percent), an exit strategy regulated by contract (83 percent) and the possibility of data encryption by the user (77 percent) remain very popular.  

The cloud offers enormous advantages especially in the PIM and CPQ segment. With the high availability of data and greater flexibility thanks to scalability on demand, companies are simply more efficient and cost-effective. 

CEO Viamedici Software GmbH - Jürgen Müller

And Globally? Gartner predicts global public cloud revenue growth of 17% in 2020

The fact that the cloud is a global phenomenon was already shown by a forecast by Gartner analysts in November 2019 - which is in line with the current Cloud Monitor. The analysts predicted global growth of the public cloud in 2019 by 17 percent based on corporate revenues in 2020. "Cloud computing is mainstream," said Sid Nag, vice president of research at Gartner. In his opinion, expectations are increasingly rising to combine positive results with the usually high cloud investments. According to Gartner, Software as a Service (SaaS) is the largest market segment, which is expected to grow to $116 billion in 2020 due to the scalability of subscription-based software. The second largest market segment is infrastructure services for cloud systems or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), which will reach the 50 billion US dollars mark. And IaaS is predicted to grow 24% year on year, which is the highest growth rate of any market segment.  

The study "Cloud Monitor is available free of charge directly from KPMG Germany (but unfortunately only available in German).

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