Innovationday 2019: Discover Digital Excellence

Under the motto 'Discover Digital Excellence', Viamedici Software GmbH presented the eighth Innovationday on 24 September 2019. In addition to comprehensive coverage of the topic, which dealt with the question of how digitization can be made future-proof, the software company from Ettlingen near Karlsruhe also sharpened its focus on the far-reaching network of invited customers, interested parties and numerous partners. The program also included lectures by high-class speakers and software specialists - a summary.

Evening program with Frank Astor - future now

Frank Astor with his robot, during his show future now at the Viamedici Innovationday at the Print Media Academy in Heidelberg

Before we dive into the presentations and the actual Innovationday, let’s take a look at the evening program that took place at the Print Media Academy in Heidelberg. As usual, a large core of participants met there in a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy first conversations, appetizers and refreshments. Frank Astor rounded off the early evening program with his keynote show 'future now'. A perfect thematic fit, well-founded and seasoned with sophisticated humor, he put everyone in the mood for the coming day.

Identifying user potential with PIM

Dr. Alexander Kern talks about brain research artificial intelligence at the Viamedici Innovation Day.

Before the guests could tailor their own Tuesday afternoon program via app, the welcome by Jürgen Müller, Managing Director, Viamedici Software GmbH took place in the large auditorium, followed by three lectures. Keynote speaker, Dr. Alexander Kern, a specialist for neurology at the Klinikum Ingolstadt, dedicated his presentation to the topic 'Evolution - Brain - Future'. Excitingly, he showed how the human brain has been adapting to the growing complexity of the environment for millions of years and what ingenious capabilities it enables us to achieve day after day. The goal lies in the focus, not the means: Tesla is not interested in providing an electric drive system; CEO Elon Musk is more interested in developing a mobile computer. Jürgen Müller, Managing Director Viamedici Software GmbH

After a short coffee break during which the participants exchanged views on what they had heard, Mario Henzler, partner & co-founder of abilex GmbH presented the solution approach 'PIM 2.x as an enabler for market and customer-oriented digital processes'. Using practical examples from marketing and sales, Henzler outlined the user potentials slumbering in the context of holistic digital market and customer processes using PIM. The presentation was fast-paced and especially motivating for marketing managers. He also energetically rest his case with the personal conviction, "that sales should please cooperate and work together with marketing ". In his opinion, the silo thinking of both departments damages the joint processes between marketing and sales.

Data Quality Index: New extension to Viamedici EPIM

Michael Bauer spricht auf dem Innovationday 2019 über neue Produkte rund um das Viamedici EPIM. " src="/site/assets/files/2620/michael_bauer_viamedici.jpg" width="1200" />

The presentation by Michael Bauer, Head of Development at Viamedici Software GmbH, also dealt with potential. In addition to current product highlights such as Viamedici EPIM and ECOM (E-Commerce), Bauer gave a lecture on the relevant topics - Features - Usability - Process Support and Data Onboarding. He also took a birds-eye perspective, presenting Viamedici’s strategic future outlook in areas such as product information, media assets and long-running e-commerce. One highlight was undoubtedly the presentation of the 'Data Quality Index', a highly specialized test instance that forces an optimal state of the master data - the 'Golden Record' approach. Between the individual items on the agenda, there was of course always opportunity for intense discussions in various rooms and the exchange of information about current or even future projects. "It is the overall picture that the guests appreciate so much at the Innovationday event," explains Jürgen Müller, Managing Director of Viamedici Software GmbH.

"A congress only comes to life when there is an intensive exchange amongst guests between the lectures and also after the event itself. In recent years, we have perfected this project with a certain talent for the organization". And indeed, after the lunch break, the congress mode took off: Guests were able to select from a total of nine different slots in the form of expert forums, lectures, workshops, and practical reports - in three separate areas. Whether Enterprise Product Information Management, Product Configuration, Variant Management, E-Commerce or Cloud Computing: All participants visibly enjoyed the chance to exchange technical information with each other; no matter if it was the potential or the stumbling blocks of digital transformation that were being discussed.

Viamedici thanks all guests, speakers and partners who helped us make Innovationday 2019 a memorable event.

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