The Viamedici Cloud Center: EPIM in the digital cloud

The Viamedici Cloud Center offers you everything you need to drive digital transformation in your business. With the Viamedici Cloud, your company can use Viamedici services and associated technologies more easily, quickly and cost-effectively directly in the cloud - without having to consider or invest in the local infrastructure. A product overview.

The Viamedici Cloud Center offers a secure high-performance cloud infrastructure which provides In-Memory functions, processing power, a database, storage, managed application services and unique business applications for the management and optimization of product data.  No other platform allows you to manage, optimize, and publish such large volumes of complex product data as quickly and easily.

All the benefits of the Viamedici Cloud

  • Easily calculable operating costs
  • Fast implementation
  • Reliable and efficient infrastructure
  • Maximum scalability and flexibility
  • Global reach and availability
  • No maintenance work or upgrades required, they are carried out as part of the service agreement and upon consultation with you.
  • Premium SLA

EPIM as a cloud application

Benefit from the vast experience of the Viamedici Service experts. It is especially hard for small and medium-sized companies to be up to date with technology and to continuously provide the required knowhow.

Viamedici SaaS provides our business applications as a service at a fixed monthly price! The Viamedici business applications allow you to quickly and easily structure and analyze complex product data while supplying it to your various shopping and marketing channels in an optimized manner. Replace manual tasks with automated processes. Turn complex IT data into efficient marketing data and tap into the full data potential for all your channels. No other platform allows you to manage, optimize, and publish such large volumes of complex product data as quickly and easily.

With Viamedici PaaS we enable you to easily transfer from your previous local EPIM installations to a managed system operation by experts on the Viamedici Cloud Platform. The Bring Your Own License PaaS Editions “Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large” represent various characteristics in terms of backup intervals, dialog instances available in parallel and simultaneously operating processes.

With Viamedici Managed Application Services you are always on the safe side and don’t have to worry about possible outages. Your Viamedici business applications are always up to date if you wish, and your platform certainly will be! You can also quickly and flexibly react to changes and adapt your managed services.

  • Application management
  • Database backup
  • Update & upgrade service
  • Monitoring, analysis and system optimization
  • Care packages

Highest quality and investment security

Viamedici’s modern architecture and pioneering technologies combined with the renowned TÜV-certified quality assurance process guarantee highest levels of quality and security of investment.

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