Certification Program EPIM Administrator - Dates for the second half of 2020

The Viamedici training program offers user training covering the basics of the Viamedici Enterprise Product Information Management Suite (EPIM4) in addition to a certification program. The certification is aimed at future administrators and prepares participants for the upcoming rollout of EPIM4. Below you will find the content of the certification program as well as the dates and registration form for the second half of the year.

How to become a certified EPIM expert

The certification program consists of three training courses, which are directly interlinked. While Viamedici EPIM is being introduced in your company, you will be trained in accordance with the project phases. With the knowledge provided based on practical scenarios with direct project relevance, you will become the team support in your company. Once you have obtained the certificate, you will be able to plan and individually configure the rollout for your company. In addition, the certification program enables you to administer Viamedici EPIM and set up internal processes for data maintenance and validation - and of course monitor them. You are thus perfectly equipped to develop Viamedici EPIM into a strategic platform for product communication and make a significant contribution to successful project management. Between the three training sessions, you will always have sufficient time to test and consolidate what you have learned through practical work in the company.

The three training blocks of the certification program


Viamedici EPIM – Initial configuration

Project phase: Installation and configuration

Duration: 3 days

  • Essential steps
  • Product attributes
  • Elements
  • Import interfaces



Viamedici EPIM – Configuration of processes for data maintenance and validation

Project phase: Data maintenance and validation

Duration: 2 ½ days

  • Role and rule concept
  • Statistics module
  • Workflow configuration
  • Data maintenance process for Golden Record



Certification as Viamedici EPIM Administrator

Project phase: Go-live and hyper-care

Duration: 2 ½ days

  • Repetition of content from Trainings 1 and 2
  • Exercises and exam preparation
  • Exam for Viamedici EPIM Administrator certification


Click here for the flyer certification program EPIM Administrator 

Target Group

  • Key users
  • System engineers

Training format

  • Eight days of online training, divided into three project phases
  • Online-appropriate division of the training into learning units of 3 hours each
  • Training in small groups


  • 08 Sept. 2020 - 10 Sept. 2020 and 15 Sept. 2020 - 17 Sept. 2020, 9 am to noon daily
  • 03 Nov. 2020 - 05 Nov. 2020 and 10 Nov. 2020 - 12 Nov. 2020, 9 am to noon daily

These are the dates for the first training. The dates for training sessions 2 and 3 will be coordinated with the training group.


  • Online

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