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Viamedici Software GmbH: Ettlingen-based PIM vendor in international comparison

The Enterprise Product Information Management Suite EPIM from Viamedici Software GmbH is asserting itself more strongly than ever on the international stage. The company from Baden-Württemberg is represented in the Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management (MDM) 2019/2020 by the research and consulting company Gartner, as well as in the PIM for Commerce MarketScape report by the market research and consulting company IDC: Baden, practical, good - reason enough to explain the results.

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Viamedici once again appears in the prestigious Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management

Gartner is one of the best-known and most influential analyst firms worldwide. In the Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management (fee-based) published in 2019/2020, Viamedici Software GmbH is represented for the second time in a row (see also Gartner Peer Insights). „Since the term Master Data Management is very broad, it is truly outstanding that Viamedici Software GmbH has made it back into the Gartner report as a niche specialist with a focus on industry and technical trade," explains Markus Henkel, Marketing Director Viamedici to Techtag. Only 14 companies worldwide managed this for the current MDM Report. „Above all, the internal, process-oriented know-how and the functional coverage of our enterprise product management system have ensured that Viamedici is represented as a PIM specialist in the wide-ranging MDM report.“ And why is that so important? „In principle, these types of reports reflect the current market situation, inform interested companies about opportunities and challenges during what is usually a complex and cost-intensive digitization process, and of course the expert and, above all, independent analyst assessments provide support in selecting the right partner or system," says Henkel.

With one platform, we offer the possibility to display and simultaneously manage all product data including product relationships. Of course, we would like to emphasize the rules and regulations integrated in the EPIM - these are undoubtedly unique.

Jürgen Müller, CEO Viamedici Software GmbH

IDC identifies Viamedici as global major software vendor

By the end of 2019, Viamedici was doubly happy. In addition to Gartner, the market specialists from International Data Corporation, IDC for short, also focused on the Viamedici and thus took a close look at it. The IDC report PIM for Commerce MarketScape (for a fee) analyses exclusively PIM solutions, the core business of the medium-sized company from Ettlingen. The IDC analysts even classify the Viamedici as a major player after a strict audit, right next to Informatica, a US provider with over 3,000 employees. In comparison: Viamedici Software GmbH has just 160 PIM specialists.
According to IDC, Product Information Management is an indispensable digitalization tool for e-commerce. "The future of commerce requires better product information," says IDC, underlining the relevance of PIM systems for successful online commerce. If IDC has its way, flexible PIM systems today serve not only industrial sectors. Moreover, technical trade including shop systems as well as marketing and sales channels must be served equally.

Especially when it comes to designing their own data management processes, things quickly become intransparent for industrial companies and retailers alike. Tailored management tools support companies in overcoming this hurdle digitally.

Jürgen Müller, CEO Viamedici Software GmbH

Of course, IDC also ventures a look into the crystal ball for an overall analysis. "Above all, software must exhibit a high degree of flexibility as well as a modern architecture - everything that Viamedici Software GmbH offers," says the IDC report. „That is why we believe that over the next five years, the company will develop into a genuine SaaS provider.“ Also to be highlighted: Not only technological issues are included in such audits; customer opinions and assessments are also taken into account. The latter shows that customer service in particular and the individual participation in customer wishes, is viewed positively.

What is a Product Information Management (PIM) actually?

Product Information Management, or PIM for short, takes over the central administration of product-relevant information and its associated data records. In addition to classic product information, this also includes technical product details such as material and dimensions as well as so-called media assets (pictures, videos), concludes Marketing Director Markus Henkel. „Due to the central and neutral data storage, this information can be distributed to different channels in different languages (marketing, development, online trade and sales) always up-to-date and worldwide. In addition, the central storage of product data reduces potential sources of error in data maintenance.“



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