Partnership between Viamedici and Infolox: Omnichannelbox is now certified.

Viamedici Certification for Omni-Channel-Box By Infolox

Ever heard of the end-to-end headless and API-driven architecture? System landscapes such as product information management, media asset management, enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management generally need to be functionally linked to e-commerce solutions or shop systems and content management systems (CMS). Viamedici Software GmbH has now certified Infolox's Omni-Channel-Box for this purpose. Customers with active online trading can now, if desired, pull all content such as master data, images, videos, product information, availability, prices and customer data to the desired online presence with just a few clicks - worldwide, of course.

Since mid-2019, the Omni-Channel-Box (Omnichannelbox) has been in use as the preferred content and e-commerce solution in connection with Viamedici Software GmbH's PIM/MAM system (EPIM - Enterprise Product Information Management). Since the beginning of 2020, the Omni-Channel-Box has also been certified by Viamedici. The certification primarily covers the seamless integration of Viamedici's EPIM into the infolox CMS and shop solution. In combination with Viamedici solutions, the Omnichannelbox is the ideal platform for corporate websites, online product catalogs and online shops. All modules are based on leading enterprise open source platforms and frameworks such as Symfony, eZ Platform and Sylius.

Omnichannelbox supplements Viamedici EPIM with the following backend modules

  • Layout manager for creating templates and pages from design modules and any content sources (Atomic Design; responsive)
  • CMS editor backend
  • CMS admin backend
  • E-Commerce backend
  • Interfaces to ERP systems and other third-party vendors

Search Engine Integration of Viamedici Product Data via Solr

  • Very high performance through product data storage in Solr - the performance problems of a relational database management system (RDBMS) in common CMS and shop systems are avoided
  • Product data sets with millions of objects and the corresponding different languages are imported with high performance (import times in the minute range)
  • Product data and media are imported from EPIM into Solr databases and delivered from there for information display (search result)
  • No delta imports - always full import
  • All modules are designed to automatically access the information imported into Solr

High Performance Bundles of the Omnichannelbox in EPIM

  • Extremely powerful product finder, filter and selector for product groups, products, variants...
  • Multi-notepad module, for example for project-oriented purchase management with shopping cart connection
  • The integrated suggestion function, also called Autosuggest or Type Ahead, includes all content types (products, editorial content, downloads, media) and navigates the user directly from the search to the product detail view
  • Download management with download center, download basket and direct download
  • Sophisticated solution for multilingual documents
  • Contact finder
  • Product comparison module
  • Rights and release management for purchasing processes
  • Joint user administration for CMS and e-commerce solutions
  • Automated Web-2-Print from PIM product data
  • Forms and Chat Bot (third-party integration)
  • Configurator integration – Viamedici Configuration Suite
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