Technology Partners

Successful solutions are never isolated applications. That is why we are partners with the leading technology vendors and ensure the integration of our solutions into our customers’ existing IT infrastructures.


Headquartered in Walldorf, Germany, with locations in more than 130 countries, SAP AG is the world leader in enterprise software and software-related services.* Explore our 42-year history of innovation – and access late-breaking company news, financial and investor information, career opportunities, and more.

Oracle Corp.

Oracle Corp. is a US IT specialist offering computer software and hardware, including enterprise and application software, Internet platforms, server and storage systems, data and cloud solutions aligned to individual industry sectors. The products are targeted to improve the reliability of applications, guarantee security and at the same time minimize costs.

Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft Corp. is a global leading manufacturer of PC software and has set standards with its solutions. The portfolio of the US corporation ranges from operating systems (Windows) and server software to application programs, application software (Office products) for business and private users to entertainment applications on mobile and stationary devices.

Adobe Systems

Adobe Systems is the leading manufacturer of software products for digital content and is the pioneer of the PDF standard used worldwide for platform-spanning document exchange. The corporation’s operations are divided into three "Digital Marketing" (solutions for the creations of advertising content etc.), "Digital Media" (frameworks for the supplementation of content) and "Print & Publishing" (print and presentation solutions, e.g. the print language Postscript was developed by Adobe).

Quark Software Inc.

Quark was founded 1981 in Denver, Colorado. The company was named for the sub-atomic particles considered the building blocks of matter. The objective was to develop a software which was to form the basis for modern publishing. For 30 years Quark has been a leading vender or publishing software and solutions for customers of all sizes - whether professional designers, small and mid-size companies or large organizations.

InBetween Deutschland GmbH

For more than 15 years, InBetween has been synonymous with high performance dynamic and database publishing. The standard software InBetween creates rule-based, automated and format-independent catalogues, brochures, data sheets, price lists and other media. With InBetween, your publications for marketing, sales and technical documentation can be created company-wide economically, faster and more effectively.

WERK II Medien- und Informationsges. mbH

WERK II is specialized in the print channel. As software developing consulting company, the view is directed at the futures of the print medium, without losing sight of current requirements. WERK II – as knowhow distributor – develops 100% standard software for system-supported print publishing.  Customers and partners therefore purchase not only powerful software components, but also the knowhow from 20 years of project work and the implemented specifications of more than 300 customers.

IntelliShop AG

The IntelliShop ecommerce platform is a highly scalable solution for upper medium-sized businesses as well as corporations. In this enterprise segment, no project is the same. The strength of the IntelliShop solution lies in the combination of a digital trading platform - characterized in the standard by a high functional scope, flexible interfaces and uncompromising stability - with the flexibility to individually represent complex process-oriented trade structures.

SDL plc

The business area SDL Language Technologies offers the branch’s leading translation software solutions for the entire translation chain - from freelance translators and language service providers to company-internal translation departments to academic institutions.  SDL Language Technologies, over 195,000 product licenses, is a significant part of the vision of SDL plc for the management of customer experiences.

Across Systems GmbH

Across, based in Karlsbad, Germany, and in Glendale, CA, USA, is the manufacturer of the Across Language Server, a market-leading software platform for all corporate language resources and translation processes. Within a very short time, the use of Across can increase the translation quality and transparency, while reducing the workload and process costs

Andrä AG

ONTRAM, the Online Translation Management Framework by Andrä AG optimises professional translation management. Translation, adaptation and correction processes can be made transparent and economical by means of an intuitively operated software. ONTRAM has open interfaces for many customary file formats and can be simply incorporated in any existing system landscapes.

celum gmbh

celum is the worldwide leader in the development of business software for brand and product identity. Our solutions automate and accelerate communication, marketing, and sales processes, reducing costs and helping our customers achieve greater flexibility in their day-to-day operations. Over 750,000 users, from more than 650 companies in 32 countries, rely on celum software to deliver a new kind of efficiency via digital asset management and rich content management.

Pixelboxx GmbH

As one of the leading vendors of Media Asset Management, Pixelboxx GmbH provides an open, web-based solution for the central, media-neutral and business process-spanning administration and output of all media. Pixelboxx increases the productivity and efficiency of media-based workflows and optimizes marketing processes on proven dimensions.

Canto, Inc.

Cumulus orchestrates various digital files into a cohesive hub while allowing users to access and distribute their digital content. Through Cumulus, users can collaborate to produce assets such as images, documents and videos both internally and externally. By instantly locating files, Cumulus increases productivity and reduces downtime.

Codeware GmbH

In progress.

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