Viamedici solutions provide for more efficiency in marketing and sales. We support you in managing and communicating your product information. Viamedici software solutions cover all product management and product marketing processes. At the core of our portfolio is the product information management suite Viamedici EPIM which also incorporates the areas master data management, media asset management, total quality management, data governance and cross media publishing. These are supplemented by a powerful ecommerce platform as well as solutions for electronic data exchange and mobile applications. Applications for translation and language management collaboration and marketing operation management top off our offering. All solutions are available for purchase, lease and on an on-demand basis.

Viamedici EPIM.

The Enterprise Product Information Management suite Viamedici EPIM offers the utmost reliability and convenience in maintaining, administering and supplying product data, marketing information and media assets. With this comprehensive solution, you have your product data under control, in all languages and throughout the entire process chain.

Viamedici EPIM is a real enterprise application designed for company-wide use, large numbers of users and maximum amounts of data. State-of-the-art architecture and comprehensive scalability ensure best performance and operating security even under high load.

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Viamedici Data Store

With the Viamedici Data Store you secure the technical advantage your company needs in the age of digitalization - thanks to IoT and Smart Data, an age in which, in addition to the digital fast lane, the high-performance retention of relevant data records in a target-group-oriented and cloud-based manner - moves into focus. In other words, state-of-the-art software.

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Viamedici Smart Product Configuration

With Smart Product Configuration, Viamedici offers the ideal solution for the management and sale of a wide range of customizable products. The modular software suite facilitates finding the perfect solution, offers unique configuration options, creates ideal target group-specific offers and enables the sale of individually configured and standardized products and solutions in a shop.

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Viamedici ECAT.

The exchange of electronic product catalogs between manufacturers and customers is a significant component of e-business and leads to a considerable reduction of transaction costs.
Viamedici ECAT offers you extensive options for classifying product data and converting it to various output formats. Electronic product catalogs for exchange between customers and business partners can thereby be created quickly and easily.

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Viamedici ECOM.

Viamedici ECOM is a high powered ecommerce solution for company-wide use. Viamedici ECOM is easily integrated into the existing IT infrastructure, can be aligned flexibly to existing and future sales structures, is easy to use, highly scalable and very quickly productive. In short: Viamedici ECOM contains everything you need for successful online business.

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Dynamic Print Publishing.

Viamedici offers a whole series of tools for automatically creating print publications. These support fully automated rule-based processes such as for pricelists and product catalogs in addition to page-based, layout-oriented production processes for creating brochures and other advertising materials.

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Viamedici CAT-APP.

The optimum presentation of your complete product program on every smartphone and every tablet has never been so easy. In every language and in any required depth of information.
Viamedici CAT APP – The Fastest Path to Perfect Product Presentation.

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You want to provide your employees with convenient access to image and document archives, supply sales partners and agencies with picture material, setup a powerful media portal or just present your image world attractively on the Internet? And all that in perfected design and with the highest degree of comfort? Viamedici MEDIAPORTAL is the ideal platform for this.

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Viamedici PDK.

Viamedici PDK, the innovative Process Development Kit, is a framework for the modeling, implementation, execution and supervision of processes between Viamedici EPIM and other software solutions.  It is used for unidirectional or bidirectional interfaces to ERP, MAM, print systems (e.g. Adobe InDesign Server), WebCMS, shops or even for designing system-spanning translation and publication processes.

Viamedici PDK relies on standard technologies such as XML, XSLT and JAVA and improves the quality and efficiency of process developments as well as their transparency and supportability. By means of XML processes, the delivery, transfer and conversion of structured data in any form is problem-free.

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Viamedici Review Portal.

You continuously have complex, multi-level translation and text jobs, tweak advertising materials with various partners spanning company and country borders? Then you know how high the potential for error is and how time consuming these tasks are up to now. With the Viamedici Review Portal, everyone can work on an innovative online platform in one master document with version controls. Each correction step is transparent, every change is documented until the final document is finished and approved.

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