The Perfect Presentation of your Media.

You want to provide your employees with convenient access to image and document archives, supply sales partners and agencies with picture material, setup a powerful media portal or just present your image world attractively on the Internet? And all that in perfected design and with the highest degree of comfort? Viamedici MEDIAPORTAL is the ideal platform for this.

Viamedici Mediaportal - Your Benefits

First Class Presentation and Intuitive Use.

Viamedici MEDIAPORTAL combines modern design with superb ergonomics and intuitive use. Interactive display formats such as wall, cover flow, slideshow, zoom and full screen facilitate browsing through the media world. Move, slide, swipe ensure perfect navigation.

Best Performance in Every Situation.

Viamedici MEDIAPORTAL is platform-independent, flexible and fast. State-of-the-art technology as well as intelligent caching and reloading mechanisms guarantee optimum performance – even with very large amounts of data. Therefore even the largest archives can be integrated without problem.

Channel Technology for All Data Sources.

Via channels and feeds, diverse data sources can be integrated in the Viamedici MEDIAPORTAL. These can be the Viamedici EPIM file system, an image database or even sources in the cloud like Google and Flickr. The parallel or combined portrayal of different sources is also supported.

Easy to Adapt – Arbitrarily Extensible.

Viamedici MEDIAPORTAL can be adjusted easily and quickly using parameters. The application’s look and feel can be set-up as well as the presentation of the content and the navigation behavior. A powerful API allows the supply of additional functions such as shopping cart, image conversion or right administration. That way Viamedici MEDIAPORTAL grows along with its tasks.

Seamless Integration in All CMS Systems and Portals.

In addition to the stand-alone approach, Viamedici MEDIAPORTAL can also be integrated into existing structures and applications quickly and without problem. You can supplement your existing online presence and diverse other portal and ecommerce applications with the optimum presentation of images and documents at any time and thereby offer additional benefit.

Highest Quality and Investment Security.

Modern software architecture and future-forward technologies in connection with Viamedici’s established and “TÜV” certified quality assurance process provide for the highest quality and investment security.


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