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Your data highway into the future

With the Viamedici Data Store you secure the technical advantage your company needs in the age of digitalization - thanks to IoT and Smart Data, an age in which, in addition to the digital fast lane, the high-performance retention of relevant data records in a target-group-oriented and cloud-based manner - moves into focus. In other words, state-of-the-art software.

Viamedici Data Store - Advantages

  • Hardware-independent, thanks to cloud technology
  • Delta of modified products not applicable
  • Server location Germany for data protection made in Germany
  • Unsurpassed performance, thanks to in-memory technology
  • Highly automated processes
  • Retrieval of product data via app and web shop - in real time
  • Targeted data output to the corresponding channels
  • Outstandingly high-performance infrastructure ensures very high data quality
  • In combination with Viamedici EPIM and the Mediacenter, the operation of a MAM system is superfluous
  • Headless software structure available

Transform your data records into smart product information

There are many individual solutions in the company for the maintenance and extraction of product data? In addition, different versions of information are being worked on simultaneously on different data carriers - the product data used is therefore not consistent. As a result, not only are many resources tied up in product data maintenance, but the processes that indirectly affect product maintenance also take up a lot of time; time that usually causes high costs.

By introducing a product information management system and linking it to a Viamedici data store, companies can raise the efficiency of all departments involved to a new level. At the same time, the respective company secures a time-money advantage over the competition. PIM is the central organization and maintenance of all product data available in the company. With a PIM, the company avoids classic redundancies and incomplete product information. In addition, in connection with the Viamedici Data Store, the transfer of product data to specific channels such as sales, e-commerce and publishing is extremely accelerated. Instead of having to accept time-consuming imports or exports of information, the company now has a technological real-time solution. And the resources freed up in the company can finally once again be allocated to the core business.

Important: The Viamedici Data Store is basically subject to a so-called delta logic: The user, not the system, decides through deliberate release when the product data is ready for export - the product data record has thus reached its defined maturity level. Viamedici Software GmbH also refers to the 'Golden Product Record'.

Data Store connected with the Viamedici EPIM

The Viamedici Enterprise Product Information Management Suite (EPIM) is already installed within the company and all product information is maintained and exported in EPIM. Challenge: EPIM is usually used to automatically create product catalogs and flyers. At the same time, the product information should appear in the mobile application, CMS and the online store. If that is not enough, EPIM also offers the option of coordinating translations into numerous languages - including the enrichment of product data via media assets.

In this case, the product information quickly adds up to several terabytes. For the most part it is media such as image, video and audio files available in different versions, languages and qualities (derivatives) that create enormous amounts of data in the enterprise PIM systems, and can in some instances paralyze the entire system.

This is one reason why we recommend a two-pronged approach for large data-intensive projects. If a company wants to channel product data into the appropriate channels in real time, the link between Viamedici Data Store and EPIM leads to a state-of-the-art technological smart data symbiosis. Companies profit immediately from the high-performance live data repository and save time and resources. The positive side effect: The combination of Viamedici EPIM and Viamedici Data Store saves the company the introduction or maintenance of a media asset management system (MAM). Especially in this context, the import and export of data is shortened enormously, as the data is enriched and extracted in real time, thanks to in-memory technology.

What Headless Software means

  • Headless does not mean that the solution is not thought through to the end, on the contrary: Headless stands for a decoupling of front and back end, i.e. the areas where data is relevant. On the one hand, information is entered in the back end, on the other hand, it is visible to the user via the front end. In the case of the Viamedici Data Store, this means that, thanks to the Restful API, the data is routed in such a way that it can be displayed directly on the website, in the mobile application or in the online shop.

In-memory technology

  • In-Memory stands for a database management system that connects several instances with each other. According to the split-brain principle, the number of instances is odd, since this prevents errors in the assignment of read and write operations. Technically: When writing, the system determines which of the masters is allowed to write, and to avoid a stalemate in the decision, we always run the systems with an odd number of instances. Compared to the classic database, the Viamedici Data Store does not rely on outdated and slow hard disk storage (ROM), but on current and fast working memory (RAM). The Viamedici Data Store is also vertically structured and works with compressed data. This means that even large amounts of product data can be handled easily and quickly. Although the data store is similar in function to a data warehouse, it does not follow the big-data approach so much as favors the principle of smart data.

The Smart Data Principle

  • In contrast to big data, smart data is not about the pure mass of unstructured data, but about context-related, qualified data sets. The Viamedici Data Store is therefore not a data lake, i.e. the pool in which all data is located, but rather the channel from which the data, after being merged, is extracted as smart structured and directly usable product information.
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