Viamedici Smart Product Configuration

How to manage customizable portfolios.

With Smart Product Configuration, Viamedici offers the ideal solution for the management and sale of a wide range of customizable products. The modular software suite facilitates finding the perfect solution, offers unique configuration options, creates ideal target group-specific offers and enables the sale of individually configured and standardized products and solutions in a shop.

Viamedici Smart Product Configuration - Your benefits.

Modular and flexible

The core of the Viamedici Smart Product Configuration Suite is a high performance configuration engine via which rules are managed and executed. Interface modules allow the integration of data from third-party applications, including complete, externally maintained sets of rules. The rules are maintained by state-of-the-art rule editors which, in addition to graphical concepts, also include easy-to-understand scripting mechanisms and thus support any complexity.

Visualization features guarantee convenient and reliable quality assurance. A specially developed front-end framework ensures outstanding performance and an unbeatable user experience. Functions include product selection, product configuration, quotation configuration and procurement.

Seamless integration with Viamedici EPIM

All Smart Product Configuration modules can be used individually, in any combination and also fully integrated in Viamedici EPIM. The direct integration into the Product Information Management Suite Viamedici EPIM creates a comprehensive platform for the holistic maintenance and management of your entire product portfolio including the customizable products and the associated rules and regulations. Data maintenance, quality assurance and translation processes can thus be controlled centrally and carried out uniformly. Product and configuration data can be provided, to any extent and in any combination, from a central source for a wide variety of applications.

Online & Offline Availability

A very special feature of the Smart Product Configuration is the online and offline availability of all function complexes. Thus, for example, sales and service organizations can use the entire range of functions at any time, independent of an Internet connection. An automatic background process ensures the necessary online/offline synchronization of the data.

Everything You Need

Product selection: Optimum product and system selection at lightning speed

The Viamedici product selector supports you and your customers efficiently in the search for the right product. A step-by-step requirements analysis by querying application and product parameters quickly leads to the selection of all products and systems that meet individual needs. The range of functions also includes application-specific design calculations and the visual comparison of the selection results.

Product configuration: Creating your individual solution

Once the decision for a product or a system has been made, the individual configuration results in a specific solution. The Viamedici product configurator not only delivers optimally configured solutions, but also convinces through its intelligent configuration process including application parameters and technical dependencies.

Automatic rule and plausibility checks exclude non-producible configurations. Impossible options are not made available and a corresponding reason is presented. The price calculation runs automatically during the entire configuration process. Configurations can be saved and shared. The processing speed is extremely fast even at high complexity levels. Integration with ERP systems is supported, so that information and rules available there can also be included or configuration results can be transmitted.

Configure Price Quote (CPQ): The direct way to the perfect quote

The Viamedici price quote configurator provides you with perfectly designed offers for individually configured products and systems. Content and layout can be adapted and internationalized to suit the target group. For example, quotes can be created in different languages and with different information depth for different recipients, immediately available in PDF or other format.

Procurement: Perfect shopping experience through seamless integration

The multi-client Viamedici shopping solution combines product selection, product configuration, offer configuration and purchasing process to a harmonious and inspiring shopping experience for standard and individualized products of any complexity. The user interfaces can be designed as required and administration is carried out via an easy-to-use, usability-optimized backend.

High quality and investment security

The modern software architecture and forward-looking technologies in conjunction with Viamedici's proven TÜV-certified quality assurance process ensure the highest quality and investment security.


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