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Electronics and high-tech manufacturers have to manage high volumes of product information, sometimes on a global scale. As a result, they can soon lose sight of their data, leading to delays in the design and manufacturing process as well as multiple versions of the same information. A dedicated MDM or PIM solution is key to visibility and management, being able to launch new products quickly, and establishing a single source of truth.

Ultimately, companies that do not have a central system for managing their product information and data will struggle to bring new products onto the market quickly and meet compliance requirements.

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Certain components, such as chips, are in scarce supply, disrupting supply chains. Companies need a clear understanding of which components are used in which products, and where they are therefore likely to face bottlenecks and shortages.


With Viamedici MDM, they can quickly identify products that contain specific components and that potentially face disruption due to supply chain availability. Having this information at their fingertips means they can address issues and plan accordingly.



As new products are designed and older versions are discontinued, manufacturers require unobstructed access to all the relevant master data for their predecessor products. In addition, some products have very short lifecycles, therefore the design, development, and production times are also short.


New generations of products can be managed easier through access to all the product information and master data of previous versions, stored centrally as a golden record. This ensures the consistency and accuracy of huge volumes of complex data and helps to speed up the time to market for new products.



Information on innovations or new products, for example, must be communicated to multiple partners within the supply chain network. All partners must have access to the latest, correct information.


By managing data centrally and sharing product data with the partners across the supply chain, manufacturers can introduce new products more quickly and streamline the supply chain.



Regulations are increasing, and companies are faced with the challenge of enhancing and reporting on their sustainability efforts and meeting ESG targets.


Through the central management of product information and master data, they can better comply with the various regulations, such as for battery disposal. Customers and sales partners, for example, are always given the latest information regarding disposal regulations. Thanks to visibility within the supply chain, they can increase their sustainability and meet ESG scores more easily.

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