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Viamedici MDM 2
Viamedici EPIM 5

Latest news

19. June 2024

Introducing the new EPIM 5 Graphical User Interface (GUI)

GUI Enhancements for Ultimate User Experience (UX) and Efficiency At Viamedici, our commitment to delivering intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable user experiences has driven the transformation of our EPIM platform. Over the past year, our dedicated UI/UX design team has worked tirelessly to bring new, fresh ideas to life, culminating in the release of EPIM version […]

PIM in Construction industry

Latest news

4. June 2024

Innovative Foundations: How AI and Blockchain are Reshaping the Construction Landscape

Download our Ebook to learn more The construction industry is undergoing a revolutionary transformation driven by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technologies. These cutting-edge innovations redefine traditional construction management practices, significantly enhancing efficiency, safety, and productivity. AI optimizes processes such as scheduling, procurement, and resource allocation, leading to reduced manual labor and errors. It […]


Latest news

1. May 2024

Revolutionizing Sustainability: The Role of Blockchain and AI in Implementing Digital Product Passports

Here are some key takeaways from the live event hosted on LinkedIn on April 25, 2024, featuring Al Bissmeyer, Global VP of Viamedici, and Baz Khuti, CEO of Sustain360: Viamedici and Sustain360™ have launched a partnership to address several Environmental concerns in a proactive step towards environmental sustainability. The partnership will address Environmental Social & […]


Latest news

17. April 2024

SAP’s Vahid Khamsi Delivers Keynote to address AI hype at Viamedici’s Innovation Day 2024

 Viamedici, a leader in Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM), announces keynote speaker Vahid Khamsi, SAP’s SVP, Chief Operating Officer, and Head of Industry Transformation to kick off the company’s 10th annual user conference, Innovation Day 2024, with a keynote address titled “Bridging The Gap Between AI Hype and Reality.” Viamedici’s 10th […]

viamedidi sustain360

Latest news

5. March 2024

Viamedici and Sustain360™ Forge Partnership to Launch Digital Product Passports for Environmental Compliance

Delaware, March 5, 2024 — Viamedici and Sustain360™ announce a partnership to offer a cost-effective solution for meeting the new environmental standards through the creation of Digital Product Passports. These passports will detail a product’s sustainability, environmental impact, and recyclability, utilizing cutting-edge Web 3.0 technologies, including GenAi, Blockchain, and Graph databases. This collaboration responds to […]

Configuration Admin ENGLISH


7. February 2024

Viamedici EPIM Configuration Admin

Informational webinar on the new e-learning course  Don’t miss it: 30 min packed with tips & information on the EPIM Configuration Admin Advanced E-Learning Course. Register before Viamedici Innovation Day, on April 18 & 19, 2024, and receive a discount on the course. Who is it for: Customer event only. Anyone who has completed the Viamedici […]

Revolutionizing the Building Supply Chain - From Manufacturing to Retail

Latest news

1. December 2023

Webinar Invitation: Revolutionizing the Building Supply Chain – Dec 14th

The building supply industry is undergoing a transformative shift, and at Viamedici, we’re leading the charge throughout the supply chain from manufacturers, to distributors, contractors, and retailers. Join us on December 14th at 11 AM EST to learn how global leaders in your industry are working with Viamedici to gain a competitive advantage. “Revolutionizing the […]

Smart Lingo - Viamedici Customer Roundtable


20. November 2023

Viamedici Customer Roundtable 

Smart Lingo – Our AI-powered Auto Translation Process We invite you to our Viamedici Customer Roundtable on November 30, 2023, at 3:30 P.M. CET. Learn first-hand how our client R&M benefits from automated translation. Why should you attend? Live presentation of the Smart Lingo Auto Translation process and its benefits First-hand report from R&M: challenges […]

SAP Customers Choose Viamedici

Latest news

31. August 2023

5 Reasons Why SAP Customers Choose Viamedici

Maximizing ROI and the benefits of the SAP ecosystem is a priority for SAP customers, but this generally requires specialist technical knowledge that is most often not available in-house, as well as complementary software. In search of additional support, the majority, therefore, bring in experts to get the best out of their SAP system and […]

The future

Latest news

28. July 2023

Leveraging Product Information Management (PIM) for Revenue Growth: Insights from Forrester and Viamedici

In a recent presentation, Chuck Gahun from Forrester and Al Bissmeyer from Viamedici, a leading PIM vendor, provided an in-depth exploration of Product Information Management (PIM) and its transformative impact on businesses. Based on Forrester’s research and Viamedici’s practical experience, the discussion highlighted PIM’s critical role in serving product information across multiple digital channels, adapting to changing […]

The future of Master Data Management

Latest news

15. December 2022

The future of Master Data Management

Interview with Andy Hayler, CEO of The Information Difference Andy explains how he expects MDM to develop in the future, what the challenges are, and what the current trends the industry is facing. Watch the whole interview here: We are excited to see how the world of data and Master Data Management will develop in […]

Crossborder Commerce Webinar


2. December 2022

Crossborder Commerce

What does the future hold? Find out how technological developments will impact cross-border commerce. Do you want to increase your cross-border sales and optimize your internationalization processes, now and in the future? We can support you in this. Crossborder Commerce – What does the future hold? Tuesday, December 20, 2022 3:30 p.m. German time Language: […]

The PIM secret


2. December 2022

The PIM secret

What factors make your project a success? Learn what makes a PIM project and how to make your project a real success. You don’t have a PIM in your company yet, but are thinking about implementing one? Or are you already in the early stages of a PIM project or even in the middle of […]

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