19. June 2024

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Introducing the new EPIM 5 Graphical User Interface (GUI)

GUI Enhancements for Ultimate User Experience (UX) and Efficiency

At Viamedici, our commitment to delivering intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable user experiences has driven the transformation of our EPIM platform. Over the past year, our dedicated UI/UX design team has worked tirelessly to bring new, fresh ideas to life, culminating in the release of EPIM version 5. With significant improvements, the GUI elevates the overall user experience, change management, and system adoption. Our main goals for EPIM5 were to elevate the user experience, enhance readability, strive for an intuitive interface, improve search flows for better navigation, and enhance the visual appeal to increase user satisfaction and the accessibility score. The fresh look includes new themes that adhere to modern design principles.

One of the most noticeable changes in EPIM 5 is the introduction of the Dusk and Evergreen themes. The Dusk theme features a new font supporting all languages and special characters, an 8-pixel grid for consistent spacing and alignment, rounded borders, and a new color palette focused on accessibility and contrast. While retaining its name, the Evergreen theme has adopted a new look with similar design principles, offering light and dark modes. These themes ensure that EPIM looks contemporary and meets the double A accessibility standards set by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

The main menu in EPIM5 has undergone a significant redesign, transitioning from a top menu to a side menu. This new structure accommodates multi-level or nested menus more effectively, allowing for logical grouping of modules and enhancing users’ ability to locate and navigate specific functionalities within the application. The side menu provides optimized content space, reducing the clutter associated with complex multi-level flyout menus, and adheres to familiar design patterns, facilitating easy navigation. It also establishes a clear visual priority, prominently displaying primary navigation options and neatly nesting secondary ones.

Our primary objective for the dashboard was to elevate the user experience by infusing the UI with greater clarity while maintaining a neat and organized appearance. To maximize the efficiency of the dashboard space, we have limited the size of widgets, ensuring that oversized widgets do not monopolize valuable space. The dashboard header has been restructured to differentiate between general actions that affect the entire dashboard and those specific to a customized report. A new compact flyout menu listing the available widgets replaces the previous gallery view, streamlining user interactions with the dashboard.

In addition, the search modules have been overhauled to enhance the accessibility of previously hidden features, making them more readily available to users. Key features such as limiting searches, saving searches, and accessing search history are now available with a single click, ensuring easier access and a smoother user experience. The interface has been systematically decluttered, reducing visual noise and ensuring each element serves a clear and purposeful function. The Power Search feature has been revitalized, offering a cleaner and more organized interface.

Significant adjustments have been made in the product maintenance module to achieve a consistent visual layout and optimize the grouping of information for improved readability. Text has been added to buttons for better visibility, and a colored background has been added to the labels column to distinguish them from values. Attributes are now grouped into visual columns, making the content look more aligned and easier to identify. These changes contribute to a more cohesive and user-friendly product maintenance experience within EPIM.

EPIM5 GUI and Navigation make it far easier for users to manage Multi-Domain Data, managing all domain data from an intuitive interface. Furthermore, workflows and approval processes for specific domain data can be easily configured and utilized. The key relationships and dependencies between various domains (customer, supplier, product, organizational, financial) can be easily visualized and maintained. A notable enhancement in EPIM 5 is the integration of a chatbot AI. This digital assistant is designed to provide instant answers to questions about various actions within EPIM. It continuously learns and improves over time, which provides increasingly accurate and helpful responses. Users can interact with the chatbot in three modes: inside the chat box, in an expanded view, or in a separate tab, providing flexibility and convenience.Looking ahead, EPIM5 is moving towards a single-page application model, eliminating the disruption of switching tabs and ensuring seamless user interactions. Key planned innovations include a consistent menu reflecting progressive steps towards React technology and an application-wide toolbar dynamically adapting to available actions on each page. New tabs will concisely present product information, featuring an image carousel, metadata overview, change history, Data Quality Index statistics, task summaries, and translation status.

The new graphical user interface of EPIM 5 represents a significant leap forward in user experience, readability, navigation, and accessibility. Viamedici ensures that EPIM remains at the forefront of efficiency and user satisfaction by focusing on modern design principles and user-centric enhancements. We invite you to experience these improvements firsthand and join us in our journey toward continuous innovation and excellence.

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