Viamedici Dynamic Product Configurator / CPQ

Boost sales through a premium guided selling experience

One Office Hot Vendor Q1 2022

Winning combination: dynamic product configuration, PIM, multi-language, and real-time data. 

Single Source of Truth

Meeting demand for product personalization and speed

Demand for product personalization is growing in many sectors, placing manufacturers under pressure to deliver products that meet very specific and individual needs. In the increasingly fast-paced commercial and e-commerce environments, there is no place for time delays or complex product configuration processes – they simply won’t be tolerated and companies lose out on sales as customers will decide to look elsewhere. When a customer configures a product online, they expect it to be orderable; not to be informed later that their product order cannot be fulfilled. If a company is unable to provide an overall superior configuration experience, it will not be able to compete with those that can. Ultimately, it will lead to a poor customer experience and the loss of both immediate and long-term sales opportunities.


Fast, intuitive, and flexible

The Viamedici Dynamic Product Configurator is not only extremely fast, it also incorporates a highly flexible configuration process, and an intuitive graphical editor. By providing product descriptions, images, videos, and pricing from your PIM solution or content management platform, customers have everything they need to configure and order their product. Designed to support B2B and B2C sales with guided selling in many different languages, our Dynamic Product Configurator is available as a stand-alone product or as an extension of our EPIM platform and PIM 360° solution. We are the only company to provide a PIM solution with a built-in product configurator.

Create a golden record

Configure orderable products in real time

Based on a unique architecture, our product configurator is the fastest and most flexible on the market, with configurations mapped at lightning speed and displayed in real time on the screen. What’s more, if a product can be configured, it can be ordered. Based on rules and declarative models, any impossible configurations are immediately brought to the customer’s attention along with an explanation as to why the selection is not viable, and alternative options are recommended to the user. In addition, fast quotation generation is ensured by integrated Configure Price Quote (CPQ) functionality. 

management data

Leverage existing rules and integrate your ERP

Speed up the configuration process further by using and extending existing rule sets, such as those in SAP Variant Configuration. Capable of managing an unlimited number of rules, product attributes, and variants, the configuration tool even allows the creation of new SKUs – for one-off or series production – in your customer’s ERP, through direct, seamless back-end integration. As a result, implementation times are shorter and you can achieve faster ROI.

Syndicate data

Deliver maximum flexibility

We developed the Viamedici Dynamic Product Configurator to make the configuration process as easy and flexible as possible. The software does not follow a rigid sequence, which means your customers have total flexibility and can simply start configuring. Thanks to dynamic models, they are able to experiment with different configuration combinations, creating and visualizing their ideal product instantly on screen. In addition, you have the option to freely design the front end as you wish and integrate it flexibly into websites, marketplaces, store systems, and portals as part of your multi-channel offering.

How our Dynamic Product Configurator complements SAP

Multi-Domain approach that supports companies in their conversion to S/4HANA as the solution adapts to different domains in SAP and their needs

Utilization of existing rule sets, such as those in SAP Variant Configuration, which are supplemented with additional rules and imported back into SAP

New products are configured in the configuration tools and new SKUs are automatically created and ordered in SAP

Seamless back-end integration and bidirectional exchange with SAP

Single source of truth across all channels and within SAP


Deliver added value with the Viamedici Dynamic Product Configurator / CPQ

Single source of truth for all data

Superior customer experience

Keep customers happy by simplifying the product configuration process in an easy-to-use, intuitive, and attractive interface, with real-time visualization and dynamic price calculation.

Enhanced sales support

Faster product configuration

Speed up the configuration process with dynamic models, imported rules, and lightning-fast display of the results.

business processes

Headless concept

Tailor the Viamedici Dynamic Product Configurator to meet the specific user needs of sales teams, distributors, or end consumers.

Faster time to market

End-to-end integration

Integrate the configuration tool with your ERP system, PIM solution, or content management platform.

Adherence to compliance requirements and legal regulations

Increased sales

Incorporate cross-selling and use declarative models to facilitate dynamic user feedback which highlights any attributes that are not available for a specific combination and recommends alternatives. 

Insightful analyses and forecasts

Advanced sales and distribution support

Make it easier for your sales and distribution teams to sell your products by giving them access to a fully digitized configuration and price quotation tool for optimal guided selling.

Do you want to discover the Viamedici Dynamic Product Configurator / CPQ and see how easily you can integrate it with your ERP system and the Viamedici EPIM platform?