Viamedici Dynamic Product Configurator

Turn your sales channels into your customers' favorite app

The megatrend of individualization will accompany companies for decades. With the Dynamic Product Configurator from Viamedici, you already have this challenge under control. In real time and with unique flexibility.

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Whether bikes or office chairs, cars or baby carriages, drill attachments or fluorescent tubes, there is almost nothing that cannot be individualized. However, conventional product configurators don’t deliver the performance that today’s customers want. This is where our Dynamic Product Configurator comes in. It is the innovative power tool for customizable product portfolios and for strong customer loyalty.


A playful way to an individualized product


A unique architecture makes our product configurator the fastest and most flexible on the market. The configuration engine maps configurations in fractions of a second, excludes impossible configurations with justification and shows alternatives. The configured product is visualized in real time. Ready for purchase.

  • No waiting time

  • Configuration in milliseconds

  • Visualization in real time

With the Dynamic Product Configurator, you offer your customers the greatest flexibility and fun when configuring. Instead of following a rigid sequence, they can simply start configuring. Because our configurator is based on dynamic models, users can change their wishes at any time and always end up with a viable product. This is how customer loyalty works.

  • No rigid rules

  • Dynamic configuration

  • Unique user experience


Direct PIM integration allows our product configurator to access not only models and rule sets, but also all product information, images, animations, and relationships. This provides optimal support for the configuration process.

  • Support in the configuration process

  • Recommendations and cross-selling

  • Optimal user guidance

Become productive quickly by using existing rule sets. Viamedici Dynamic Product Configurator can take existing rules from other systems, such as SAP Variant Configuration, and easily extend them. This ensures short implementation times and an optimal ROI.

  • Adoption and extension of existing rule sets

  • First-class back-end integration

  • Short implementation times and fast ROI


With Viamedici’s Dynamic Product Configurator, you offer your customers a user experience that they otherwise only know from their favorite apps. Easy, intuitive handling, lightning-fast visual display, and real-time pricing. Impressive complexity in a nutshell. That’s happy shopping.

  • Playful handling

  • Attractive product presentation

  • Dynamic price calculation in real time


“The combination of PIM, dynamic product configuration, powerful multi language, and real time data is exactly what companies need to win in a digital market, and it makes Viamedici a Hot Vendor.”

HFS Research, Hot Vendors Q1 2022, April 2022

Badget Hot Vendors Award


Full support for your sales

Strengthen your sales teams

Support and relieve your sales teams with a fully digitalized configuration and quotation process (CPQ) with direct CM integration and collaboration function. This enables your sales teams to easily create even complex quotations and provide customers with optimal advice.

Help your distributors

Make it easier for your distributors to sell your products by providing their sales teams with special CPQ apps with guided selling.

Inspire your customers

Inspire your customers with a fascinating self-service portal. The Viamedici headless concept allows you free front-end design as well as seamless integration into websites, marketplaces, store systems and portals. This allows you to expand your existing online channels into self-service platforms for your customers. An ideal tool for strong customer loyalty.

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