EPIM 4 – Update 27

Viamedici EPIM 4 – Update 27 – Webinar recording about the new Software Update

The latest Viamedici EPIM update is available and we are happy to share the new features with you.
Find out more by watching the webinar recording or take a look at the release notes in the help.

Webinar Details:
– Duration: 70 minutes
– Language: English

EPIM 4 Update 27

Viamedici EPIM 4 – Update 27 – English


  • Dark theme optimization
  • Restricted quick search
  • Various optimizations in the hierarchy tree
  • Automatic thumbnails for PDF documents
  • Hidden preview images for root elements
  • Various optimizations when creating product attributes
  • Adjusted handling for collections with flag attributes
  • Various optimizations for versioning
  • Various optimizations for the data quality index (DQI)
  • Various Print Visual optimizations
  • Further improvements and performance optimizations

We look forward to your questions and feedback.

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