EPIM 4 – Update 29

Learn all about the new software update – Viamedici EPIM 4 – Update 29

You missed the live webinar and you haven't had time to watch the webinar recording yet? No problem! The webinar is now available as a video.
Webinar Details:
– Duration: 70 minutes
– Language: English

EPIM 4 Update 28

Viamedici EPIM 4 – Update 29 – English


  • User/Admin: Search results including product attributes
  • User: Optimized presentation and performance boost for compilations
  • User/Admin: Optimization for drag-and-drop upload of elements
  • User: Viamedici Insight redesign
  • Admin: Deleted dictionary product attribute values when moving
  • Admin: Modification regarding the sending of e-mail notifications
  • Admin: Own CSS class for product attributes
  • Extra license required: Version Drafts Optimizations
  • Extra license required: Direct Data Store sync for dictionary entries
  • SSO required: SAML Optimizations

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