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At Viamedici, we are experts in the management of product information, master data, and digital assets, as well as dynamic product configuration (CPQ). Our multi-award-winning, cutting-edge solutions have been driving the digital transformation of multi-billion-dollar companies for many years. We understand the challenges that organizations face in the management of data and information for multiple data domains. With this in mind, our products are designed to be configurable so they can be adapted to meet the specific needs of any data domain and also manage relationships between domains. Our multi-domain approach gives you flexibility as well as a multi-dimensional view of your organization’s key assets.

Harnessing innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics, we are the only company to provide this unique combination of products, which integrate with any ERP system, are flexible and infinitely scalable to support your business as it grows. Delivering a premium user experience is a top priority – so our customers can boost their online sales revenue. This is why each of our products has been developed in close collaboration with customers, making sure they meet the needs of e-commerce businesses today and in the future.

Our products

Viamedici Multi-Domain Master Data Management (MDM)

Overcome data complexity by creating a golden record of trusted and actionable data. Manage billions of data records in an unlimited number of languages and for multiple domains – including suppliers, customers, products, accounts, markets and regions – in one place, in real time. Speed up time-to-market, and stay ahead of the competition with our intuitive and innovative MDM solution that offers full traceability of modifications and meets all compliance and legal requirements. Syndicate data to multiple channels at lightning speed and run powerful analyses to support decision-making.

Single source of truth for all data

Viamedici Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Manage all your digital assets (images, videos, graphics, logos, e-docs, audio files, and 3D models) centrally across your global enterprise with a single source of truth for all multi-media content. Introducsase controls and permissions to manage and track changes, transfers, and usage. Interface with e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and tools such as Amazon’s A+ Content. Thanks to extensive automation technology, enjoy faster processes and deliver marketing campaigns quicker. By incorporating animation and sound, you can really bring your products to life across all online sales channels.


Viamedici Product Information Management 360° (PIM 360°)

Gain complete control of your PIM processes, by managing complex product information and digital assets centrally in a structured hierarchy. Keep your multi-language product information up to date, with a single source of truth that is syndicated in milliseconds to global business units and sales channels. Give your customers and sales teams around the world a 360° view of all the information they need to configure and sell products in real time on any e-commerce platform. Viamedici PIM 360° is the only online PIM solution on the market with a built-in product configurator. Through speed and intuitive configuration, deliver business value to your customers and increase sales revenue. Obtain valuable insights by running analyses and forecasts based on actionable, real-time data, and make your e-commerce business fit for the future.

Adherence to compliance requirements and legal regulations

Viamedici Dynamic Product Configurator / CPQ

Our guided selling solution for B2B and B2C meets customers’ needs for personalization with 100’s of attributes and variants that can be configured in real time. It provides instant feedback on the viability of a selection and proposes substitutions. Product selection is totally flexible and can start at any point with any key attribute. By providing product descriptions, images, videos, and pricing from your PIM solution or content management platform, customers have everything they need to configure orderable products. Using the intuitive graphical editor, the configured results are displayed immediately on-screen. The Dynamic Product Configurator interfaces with your ERP enabling you to utilize existing rule sets and create new SKUs for one-off or series production. Based on a headless concept, it can be tailored to meet the user needs of sales teams, distributors, or end consumers. We are the only company to offer a PIM solution with built-in product configurator.

All four products can be combined together in our unique, all-in-one enterprise solution