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Viamedici EPIM

The only software solution that provides Multi- Domain MDM, PIM 360°, DAM and CPQ.

With the unique all-in-one enterprise solution Viamedici EPIM you master not only your data but also the processes of your company and you are optimally positioned for digitalization and e-commerce.


The world’s only real-time product configurator with PIM integration.

Convince with the power tool for individualizable product portfolios. The Dynamic Product Configurator from Viamedici combines maximum flexibility with unbeatable speed. Your customers receive the individualized product of their choice in real time and with ease. Your sales team will create a perfectly individualized offer just as quickly.

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Viamedici Multi-Domain MDM

The new standard for true Multi-Domain Management

Boost your efficiency across the enterprise and keep your data management simple. With Multi-Domain MDM, you unite all your domains in a single solution. You benefit from data that is complete and up-to-date at all times, flowing automatically into all your systems in real time. It's that simple.

Viamedici PIM 360°

The only one with integrated real-time Product Configurator

With our PIM-system, you not only centralize your product and marketing information and media assets, but also manage, connect and move even the largest amounts of data effortlessly in real time. You also benefit from the integrated product configurator, which allows you to respond to your customers' individualization requests in real time.

Viamedici DAM

For efficient, secure teamwork even beyond company boundaries

Make it easy for your employees to collaborate efficiently. With our DAM, your company's digital assets are stored in one central location and can be accessed, optimized, and released by all authorized users at any time. Whether entire databases, system files or block chains – you have your digital elements securely under control.

Viamedici CPQ

Product configuration and sales quotation in seconds

Accelerate your sales process. Thanks to our headless approach, our CPQ offers maximum flexibility and a unique User Experience. In real time, your sales team not only creates optimally configured products, but also the corresponding individualized quotation document directly at the customer's site. Ready to be signed immediately.

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