Viamedici Digital Asset Management (DAM)

The faster, coordinated way to manage digital assets

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Viamedici DAM is revolutionizing the world of DAM by providing a global, multi-media solution for managing images, videos, graphics, logos, e-docs, audio files, and 3D models. Searching for and retrieving digital assets has never been quicker or easier, and helps companies reduce costs and resources, while ensuring that the right image is being utilized and shared. A premium user experience is created thanks to the central storage of assets, a single source of truth, and consistent use across all digital channels. Our DAM solution also interfaces seamlessly with e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and tools such as Amazon’s A+ Content, so you can make your products stand out from the crowd.

Single Source of Truth

Obstacles caused by lack of control

Online retailers who sell products on multiple channels around the world are faced with the challenge of controlling hundreds of thousands of digital assets. Huge amounts of time and resources are wasted searching for specific digital assets stored on different systems within a global, fragmented IT landscape. Distributing product information, including all associated digital assets, to the various channels can be an extremely slow process and hinder sales. If a company lacks internal controls and permissions for accessing and using digital assets, they also have no overview of how and where they are used. What’s more, with so many different versions available, incorrect assets like outdated images and old logos might be used, which can have a negative impact on brand image. Category managers can utilize our advanced workflow to approve images and content for product release. Additionally, effective dates can be established for content, making it available to channels on the dates that were pre-approved and removing it upon expiry of the approved dates.


Cutting-edge DAM the key to driving online sales

By centralizing all digital assets in one place, Viamedici DAM leverages the latest generation technology to give companies complete traceability of how and where their assets are used, shared, and distributed – and by whom. Designed with ease of use and speed in mind, assets can be found easily and quickly, and distributed to e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, sales partners, agencies, and other creative partners at high speed via high-performance interfaces. Incorporating sound and animation brings products to life to boost sales, and by giving your sales teams centralized access they can share all multi-media information with customers at lightning speed. Viamedici DAM also integrates with our MDM and PIM solutions.

Create a golden record

Manage your digital assets in a central location

By storing all kinds of digital assets centrally, you can make sure they are used consistently on all target channels worldwide, breaking down burdensome silos. Users can find assets in an instant thanks to tagging, categorization, and the intelligent full-text search function. Via the central media hub, you can also manage country-specific assets, and avoid any duplications, while the efficient, centralized management of image and sound rights helps you to keep costs down. Design processes are faster and more efficient by giving your creative partners secure access to Viamedici DAM.

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Introduce controls and permissions

Similar to MDM, efficient DAM relies on the creation of a golden record to maintain high quality and consistency internally, with external partners, and across your digital channels. At the core of Viamedici DAM is the technology to help companies achieve this and to keep track of all changes, transfers, and usage by assigning permissions and authorizations to users of the solution. This additional layer of security means that the “right” digital assets are always used, and you can control who is able to edit and use them. Our solution has a powerful, integrated image processing engine that allows users to edit images directly on the system. By creating editing profiles and assigning them to specific channels, perfect, consistent image quality can be achieved across all your online marketing and sales touch points. Our DAM system leverages enterprise DAM systems directly utilizing images in products like Adobe within our application for preview and use. This saves time in the product introduction process.

Syndicate data

Speed up marketing campaigns

Viamedici DAM incorporates extensive automation technology to speed up processes, which ultimately means your teams can deliver marketing campaigns faster. Your multi-media digital assets can also be enriched by integrating external assets from suppliers. In addition, as our solution interfaces with marketplaces such as Amazon and Alibaba, your marketing and sales teams are able to publish attractively presented products along with technical information, sound, and animation in real time.

How our Digital Asset Management solution complements SAP

Integration of digital media into business processes in SAP

Headless design, which supports working with multiple domains from SAP

Seamless back-end integration and bidirectional exchange with SAP

Single source of truth across all channels and within SAP


How Viamedici DAM makes a difference to your business

Single source of truth for all data

Time and resource savings

No more time and money are wasted unnecessarily searching for particular assets, and automated processes speed up all aspects of DAM.

Enhanced sales support

Seamless interface with sales channels

Publish accurate product information, videos, and images on your sales channels in real time via interfaces that are compatible with any e-commerce platform or marketplace. 

business processes

Active sales support

Give sales teams access to attractive product presentations and all the information they need to increase customer sales.

Faster time to market

Single source of truth

Establish and work with a single source of truth for all multi-media content through the centralized management of digital assets.

Adherence to compliance requirements and legal regulations

Superior user experience

Create an efficient work environment where users can quickly and easily find, work with, and distribute the exact digital assets they need.

Insightful analyses and forecasts

Easy and efficient collaboration

Enable internal teams to collaborate with external partners by giving all those involved in a project access to the relevant information and editing tools, and shortening approval processes.

Do you need a global, coordinated approach to DAM and would like to see how Viamedici DAM will help your products stand out from those of your competitors?