Viamedici MDM brings structure, order, and transparency to your master data. From internal and external applications, Viamedici MDM creates cleansed and quality-assured master data records that can be enriched with additional information, multimedia content, meta data and data fabric as desired. In this way, you create a powerful and flexible data foundation that optimally supports all business processes.


Use the full power of your data

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Smart Actionable Data

Viamedici MDM has a dynamic data model allowing any data domains and data structures to be established, and data fabric to be added easily by drag & drop or rules. The relations of individual data objects are visualized in the network view.

You benefit from:

  • Dynamic data model

  • Arbitrary data domains

  • Strong data fabric

Data Onboarding

Viamedici MDM’s onboarding environment allows you to integrate data from a wide variety of sources easily and quickly. Powerful matching, mapping, merging, and cleansing tools ensure perfect data quality.

You benefit from:

  • Convenient onboarding portal

  • Flexible quality rules

  • Visual mapping

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Viamedici MDM 3

Business Rules

Write your own business rules for automating operations and processes. You can also use AI services in the process. This ensures efficient work and full control even with the largest amounts of data.

You benefit from:

  • Intuitive rule editor

  • Integrated AI services

  • Efficient processes and workflows

MDM Gold Medal


The EPIM suite by Viamedici was given the composite score of 9.2/10 based on customer testimonials, vendor capability and feature satisfaction. There are good reasons that Viamedici holds a 99,3 % customer retention rate and 94 % of users are likely to recommend our products.


Software Reviews Gold Medal, Juli 2022


Your benefits with Viamedici MDM

Vorteile Viamedici

A single source of truth for all company data

With Viamedici MDM you integrate and synchronize different systems and data sources, ensuring consistency and a reliable single source of truth for your corporate data. You benefit from high data security, the avoidance of data silos, faster data access and reduced costs for infrastructure and integration. Your company becomes more agile and powerful.

Vorteile Viamedici

Perfect analyses and forecasts

Immediate access to actionable data based on strong data fabric offers the best opportunities for analyses and forecasts. This gives you an optimal basis for decision-making and full transparency.

Vorteile Viamedici

Reliable adherence to compliance requirements and legal regulations

Viamedici MDM ensures reliable adherence to compliance requirements and legal regulations through clear workflows and processes, business rules and defined quality gates. Even in an international context, you can easily ensure adherrance to local regulations of individual markets.

Vorteile Viamedici

Rapid digitalization of business processes

Thanks to the combination of reliable master data, multi-media enrichment, localization, strong data fabric, and real-time data provision, Viamedici MDM provides the perfect basis for rapid digitalization of business processes. This is a prerequisite for e-commerce and digital business and any other form of networking with customers and business partners.


Our boosters for more efficiency

A whole range of complementary business modules are available for the Viamedici EPIM platform. They provide added value and additional efficiency.


Data exchange formats

Viamedici ECAT provides all data in common exchange formats such as BMEcat, ECLASS or GDSN/ GS1. This enables you to exchange your data with business partners and feed it into marketplaces and data pools.

Viamedici Dynamic Print Publishing

Automated creation of print media

Use your data managed in EPIM for the automated creation of print media such as catalogs, price lists, flyers, brochures, etc.


Apps for smartphones and tablets

Access your data at any time via smartphone, even when you are offline. Regardless of whether you use Apple or Android.

Data Store

Real-time data provision

With our Real-time Data Store you have the optimal solution to make your data available in real time. Push and pull access is supported.


Change history

You can track all changes to your work data in the system at any time. What was changed, when and by whom or via which interface – it is all documented. Your data can be evaluated and compared.


Version management

Version management allows you to create and compare any number of object versions, including all associated attributes, descriptions and media assets.


Supplier onboarding

With the onboarding portal, supplier catalogs can be imported, validated and cleansed using the integrated matching, mapping, merging and cleansing mechanisms.


Standard interface modules

Harmony in your system landscape: Use a variety of standardized interfaces from Viamedici for easy and fast integration of any third-party tools such as CRM, e-commerce, ERP, CMS, MAM, PLM and many more.


Planning of future products and campaigns

With futurization, future product versions or objects can be maintained in the system and assigned validity periods. This allows you to organize and plan campaigns and product launches optimally.

Data Quality Index

Check and visualize data quality

Keep the quality of your data under control. The Data Quality Index can be used to define quality gates at any level, such as channels, markets and product groups, and to visualize the results.

Product Portal

Portal for products

Make the data from your Viamedici EPIM available via a secure web portal with a self-service character. This allows your customers, service providers and partners to access your product data without any problems.

Media Portal

Portal for media

Make your digital and media assets available in a convenient self-service portal and share them with colleagues, agencies and other service providers. Use the media portal for secure and efficient delivery of your multimedia files.


Develop and monitor interfaces

Develop and monitor interface processes to a wide variety of systems.


Mapping of business processes

Model and visualize cross-system interface and business processes as well as workflows with BPMN: This ensures maximum work efficiency based on standardized processes.

Review Portal

Data review and approval

The Review Portal enables you to review your content in context and collaborate with your colleagues and service providers during review and approval processes, for example, as part of translation processes.

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