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Single Source of Truth

Overcoming product and data complexity

It is not uncommon for multi-billion-dollar organizations to have silos of product data stored in hundreds of source systems. With no central point of reference for data, managing and launching new products onto the market is extremely time-consuming and the available information often contains errors, duplicates, and inaccuracies. What’s more, different versions and formats of product data add to the overall complexity. Imagine having to manage data for hundreds or even thousands of products in many different languages and variants – how can a business keep pace with competitors if it has no real control over its product data?


Intuitive and innovative MDM

Viamedici MDM leverages innovative technologies to solve these challenges. Extremely flexible and scalable, it integrates seamlessly with third-party ERP, CRM, and PLM systems, offering bi-directional communication. Its capability to manage billions of data records in an unlimited number of languages and for multiple domains contributes towards a premium customer experience.

Create a golden record

Create a golden record

The key to effective MDM is the creation of a golden record, which is made easy thanks to the onboarding environment of Viamedici MDM. Data is imported and consolidated from multiple source systems and applications, before it is mapped, matched, and merged. After cleansing it of errors, inaccuracies, and duplicates, you are left with accurate, consistent, and high-quality, standardized data – the single source of truth. 

management data

Optimize the management
of your data

Viamedici enables organizations to optimize the management and use of their data. We support numerous MDM models from centralized to distributed. If trusted data is in a source system and cannot be moved due to governance policies  it can be maintained within that system and referenced with the Viamedici solution for a complete data set.  In other instances data can be managed centrally. Viamedici’s MDM solution can manage huge volumes of product data for multiple domains and inter-domain relationships has never been easier. Incorporating functions such as data inheritance, referencing, enrichment, and modeling, coupled with an intuitive user interface, master data is managed efficiently and easily in a central hierarchy. Even the largest organizations are able to standardize information for hundreds or thousands of products, and harness the advanced data modeling and analytical capability. Viamedici MDM also offers full modification traceability, allowing you to roll back to a previous version of a data record if needed, while meeting compliance and legal requirements.

Syndicate data

Syndicate data immediately to multiple channels

On the basis of the golden record managed centrally, is that companies can publish standardized data to an unlimited number of e-commerce channels, markets, or regions at the click of a button. Extensive analyses and reports can be run based on individual or multiple domains, such as suppliers or products, to deliver actionable insights that support decision-making. All aspects of syndication and reporting are much simpler with Viamedici MDM.

How our MDM solution complements SAP

Supports the conversion to S/4HANA thanks to compatibility with heterogenous environments with multiple domains and disparate data sources

Before data is migrated to S/4HANA, it is cleansed, corrected, optimized, harmonized, and enriched in Viamedici MDM

Data in SAP is higher quality and leaner thanks to the elimination of errors and duplicates 

Seamless back-end integration and bidirectional exchange with SAP

Single source of truth across all channels and within SAP


How Viamedici MDM makes a difference to your business

Single source of truth for all data

Single source of truth for all data

Integrate and synchronize different systems and data sources to ensure consistency across the organization, for all your domains.

Enhanced sales support

Enhanced sales support

Define who in the sales organization has access to what data by only displaying product and pricing information that is relevant to them.

business processes

Rapid digitization of business processes

Meet the needs of the fast-paced e-commerce environment, supported by reliable master data, multimedia enrichment, localization, a strong data fabric, and real-time provision of data.

Faster time to market

Faster time to market

Introduce products more quickly by utilizing the golden record as the basis for future products and modifications.

Adherence to compliance requirements and legal regulations

Adherence to compliance requirements and legal regulations

Ensure reliable adherence to all compliance requirements and legal regulations through clear workflows and processes, business rules, and defined quality gates. 

Insightful analyses and forecasts

Insightful analyses and forecasts

Run analyses and forecasts based on actionable, real-time data to support decision-making and provide total transparency.

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