Viamedici EPIM Enterprise Platform

Award-winning, state-of-the-art platform comprised of the latest technologies

Our Viamedici EPIM Enterprise Platform is the only all-in-one enterprise solution on the market that combines Multi-Domain MDM, PIM, DAM, and Guided Selling / Dynamic Product Configuration (CPQ). 

EPIM Enterprise Platform
Badget Hot Vendors Award PIM

“The combination of PIM, dynamic product configuration, powerful multi-language, and real time data is exactly what companies need to win in a digital market, and it makes Viamedici a Hot Vendor.” HFS Research, Hot Vendor Award Q1 2022


Meeting the needs of various domains

Many enterprises are faced with the challenge of meeting the needs of various domains. Customers today expect and want everything at their fingertips. And they want it now! When it comes to shopping online, this means giving customers immediate access to all the information they need to make a purchase – price, personalization options, technical specifications, images, and much more. Competition is stiff and if companies want to attract and hang onto their customers, they need to make the purchase experience an enjoyable one. A major hurdle for companies who operate in many different regions and markets around the world, is how to manage their information consistently and in many different languages. Maintaining brand image is also a priority, but with so many different versions of logos and digital assets stored in silos around the world, companies can easily lose oversight and control.


A one-stop solution for growth

Decades of passion and expertise have gone into the development of the Viamedici EPIM Platform, which brings together our four leading-edge products for Multi-Domain Master Data Management, Product Information Management, Digital Asset Management, and Dynamic Product Configuration/CPQ. 

The EPIM Platform enables all of our solutions to be used seamlessly. Additionally, if required, companies can use the platform and one application initially, adding further applications for future initiatives. For example, some companies will start out with PIM and then expand to Multi-Domain MDM, while other companies start out with the Guided Selling Dynamic Product Configurator and then expand to PIM. 

Our platform expertly links these applications together and integrates them seamlessly. It offers you extreme flexibility as well as dynamic vertical, horizontal, and regional scaling for unlimited enterprise-wide, global deployment. Offering unlimited scalability, Viamedici EPIM grows along with your business. 

multiple domains

Meet the needs of multiple domains

Products, customers, suppliers, distributors, partners, markets, and regions – they all have different needs. Based on a modular system, our EPIM Platform is adapted to meet the requirements of each individual domain. Give sales teams all the product and pricing information they need to make a sale. Allow customers to configure personalized products in real time using our dynamic product configuration engine, incorporating CPQ functionality. Allow partners to collaborate on the creation and use of digital assets.

Single Source of Truth

Establish a single source of truth

Import disparate information from numerous sources onto the EPIM Platform. The data is matched and merged using automation technology, enabling you to create. Whether for product information, master data, or digital assets – you can publish a single source of truth across your entire organization, ERP landscape, and all channels. At a time when increasing focus is paid to brand image, this level of standardization means that customers, sales teams, and distributors always have access to the latest, accurate information and your brand is consistently represented across all touch points.  

customized to your needs and processes

Manage everything via a one-stop customizable dashboard

View and manage all relevant information quickly and easily in the comprehensive dashboard, which can be customized to your needs and processes. All information and digital assets are visible in one place, and you can also monitor workflows and data quality.

Viamedici EPIM platform

Enable upstream and downstream connectivity

To support end-to-end connectivity, the Viamedici EPIM platform incorporates RESTful APIs and industry-standard connectors, allowing customers to quickly and easily connect to any source system – both upstream (SAP/non-SAP, ERP, MLM, databases, etc.) and downstream (Salesforce, ERP, e-commerce, etc.).

How our EPIM Enterprise Platform complements SAP

Supports the conversion to S/4HANA thanks to compatibility with heterogenous environments with multiple domains and disparate data sources 

Flexible approach for importing / exporting data from/to SAP

Before data is migrated to S/4HANA, it is cleansed, corrected, optimized, harmonized, and enriched in Viamedici MDM

Data in SAP is higher quality and leaner thanks to the elimination of errors and duplicates

Data is simply extracted from SAP, enriched, supplemented with supporting content media and photos, then syndicated to multiple channels

Utilization of existing rule sets, such as those in SAP Variant Configuration, which are supplemented with additional rules and imported back into SAP

Data from SAP is referenced in real time

Well-structured product hierarchies can be transferred into SAP

Seamless back-end integration and bidirectional exchange with SAP 

Single source of truth across all channels and within SAP


How the Viamedici EPIM Platform makes a difference to your business

product information

Keep control through centralized information management

Establish and work with a single source of truth through the global, centralized management of product information and digital assets. 

Real-time syndication to all channels

Real-time syndication to all channels

Publish product information, videos, and images to all your channels in real time via interfaces that are compatible with any e-commerce platform or marketplace.

multiple domains

Multi-domain support

Adapt your workflows and user interface to support the needs of different domains. 

business needs

Faster processes

Customize Viamedici EPIM in line with your specific business needs and speed up your processes.

End-to-end integration with ERP

End-to-end integration with ERP

Increase operational efficiency by integrating with your existing ERP environment, enabling shorter implementation times, reduced administration effort, and lower operating costs.


Superior user experience

Achieve greater acceptance among users from various domains through the intuitive and simple design, incorporating practical processes and workflows to increase productivity and boost sales.

Are you looking for an all-in-one enterprise solution for PIM, MDM, DAM, and Dynamic Product Configuration?