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Today’s discerning customers are demanding more content, videos, and images as part of the buying decision process. To engage customers and satisfy this need, tool manufacturers, distributors, and retailers need to manage massive amounts of product information and data to deliver a premium customer experience. They also need to be able to develop and launch new products on the market quickly. By deploying an MDM solution, they can manage information centrally and syndicate it to multiple channels. What’s more, they can create a single source of truth that can be accessed by all partners during the tool design, development, and manufacturing processes.

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Product data is stored in silos on disparate systems, in different formats and versions. However, accurate and consistent information needs to be made available to customers across many different sales channels and touch points.


Our MDM and PIM solutions import all your product information from various sources and store it on a central platform where it is corrected, harmonized, and enriched. By creating a golden record for each product, you can syndicate consistent and accurate information to your digital and print channels.



There is increased demand from end customers for more detailed content to support them in their decision to buy a tool. Following the sale, they also want access to information on how to use, repair, and maintain the product. Demand for video content is especially high. On the other hand, sales teams in the field or in-store need instant access to stimulating content to help them close a sale and to upsell and cross-sell.


Viamedici enables customers to publish A+ content across multiple sales platforms and in multiple languages. This content can include 15+ images as well as on-screen tool rotations from different angles, and videos showing the tool in action. Customers enjoy a premium experience throughout the entire lifecycle of the tool thanks to the ability for content to be managed centrally in our MDM and PIM solutions. Sales teams also have access to up-to-date catalogs and multimedia marketing support.



Manual onboarding of new suppliers is a time-consuming process. The partners involved in the design, development, and manufacturing processes need to be able to share and access information. Also, with increased demand for multimedia content, clear workflows and central data storage are needed to speed up the creation process with multiple partners.


Multi-domain MDM from Viamedici supports many different domains. Our solutions automate processes and workflows, so suppliers are onboarded faster. As all partners have centralized access to the same, integrated system, they can easily collaborate in real time, which speeds up product development and content creation. Viamedici DAM supports the creation and management of digital assets.



Products get lost among the product listings on e-commerce channels and do not stand out. The brand faces stiff competition and can lose out on sales if customers cannot find the products they are looking for.


We provide the tools to create and publish compelling product information featuring sound and animation, and optimize it for search engines. This enables instant brand recognition across all touch points and channels. Customers can find the products quickly and easily, and with all the multimedia information they need at their fingertips, they will enjoy a superior online shopping experience, boosting sales and brand loyalty.



As new tools are designed and older versions are discontinued, manufacturers require unobstructed access to all the relevant master data for their predecessor products. A company will fall behind its competitors if it is unable to launch new products onto the market quickly.


New generations of tools can be managed easier through access to all the product information and master data of previous versions, stored centrally as a golden record. This ensures the consistency and accuracy of huge volumes of complex data and helps to speed up time to market for new tools.



Keeping up with and navigating the ever-changing regulations and legal requirements for the manufacture, distribution, and sale of tools is complex and time consuming. Compliance with the latest regulations is essential and customers need to know that the tools they are buying are safe.


Our solution has built-in rules to check that product information complies with all industry regulations before it is published. This gives companies peace of mind in the preparation of regulatory submissions, while customers are reassured that they are purchasing fully compliant tools.

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“Viamedici’s vast experience in mapping complex data models was worth its weight in gold. We can always rely on them going that extra mile. A close partnership such as this is a key success factor for PIM.”

Alexander Strobl
Director of Digital Transformation Wagner Group

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