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With diverse events disrupting supply chains, construction and building services and supply firms are faced with rising material costs. Scarcity of supply and gaps in product availability is a real problem if construction projects are to be delivered within budget and on time. In addition, complex projects involve a huge amount of information that needs to be accessible to the parties involved. There is no room for error when it comes to making sure product and technical information is accurate and up to date, from both a project management and a safety perspective. Without proper management of the information, it is nearly impossible to ensure its accuracy, which can be extremely costly and result in non-compliance with industry regulations.

Viamedici helps B2C and B2B customers expertly manage these issues through effective MDM, PIM, and guided selling.

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Complex, global construction projects involve a huge amount of data that must be shared with multiple suppliers and sub-contractors. Each of these partners uses a different system and there is little or no integration. With various versions of the same information available, it is difficult to make sure the partners receive accurate information on time.


Viamedici MDM centralizes and standardizes product information, creating a single source of truth that can be shared in real-time across the organization. By integrating all the partners with our system, they too have real-time access to information that is correct and up to date. This reduces errors, improves consistency, and enables decisions to be made based on high-quality data.



The right building materials or substitute products need to be available in the right place at the right time to keep each project on track and prevent unnecessary delays. Otherwise, construction firms may face higher costs and contractual penalties.


By integrating partners and suppliers into the Viamedici MDM and PIM solution, a high level of visibility is achieved. This means companies can keep track of the availability of building materials and make sure they are delivered to the construction site on time.



In the face of fierce competition, building supply companies must engage customers and deliver a premium experience to increase loyalty and boost revenue. B2B and B2C customers want instant access to product information, even for complex configurable products, and they expect their orders to be fulfilled quickly.


With our software, a golden record is syndicated to all sales channels, giving customers instant and accurate product information, images, videos, and more. Our “self-service” guided selling solution integrates with Viamedici MDM and PIM enabling the real-time, controlled configuration of highly complex products based purely on viable selections. It also integrates with SAP and supports the creation of new SKUs. All this contributes towards a premium customer experience.



To respond to changes and trends in the market or customer behavior, it’s important that new products are brought onto the market quickly. Demonstrating capability is essential for winning new customers and projects, which is difficult to do if information from previous projects is not properly managed.


New product variants are quicker to produce and launch thanks to the centralization of product information and the creation of a golden record. The same applies to construction projects, with existing, centrally managed information acting as a blueprint that can be adapted for future projects. This can significantly shorten the project tendering stage and result in a quicker delivery.



Keeping up with and navigating the ever-changing regulations and legal requirements for products and projects is complex and time consuming. Building materials need to be marked with the correct information as per the latest regulations.


Our solution has built-in rules to check that product information complies with all industry regulations for the labeling and marketing of building materials before it is published. This gives companies peace of mind in the preparation of regulatory and BIM submissions, while customers are reassured that they are purchasing fully compliant products.

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