31. August 2023

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5 Reasons Why SAP Customers Choose Viamedici

Maximizing ROI and the benefits of the SAP ecosystem is a priority for SAP customers, but this generally requires specialist technical knowledge that is most often not available in-house, as well as complementary software. In search of additional support, the majority, therefore, bring in experts to get the best out of their SAP system and increase operational efficiency – whether during the implementation stage, for data migration, or with managing master data and product information.

85% of Viamedici’s customer network runs SAP, and this blog sheds light on some of the main reasons why we are their partner of choice, particularly for MDM and PIM.

1. Compatibility and integration

Integration and compatibility with SAP are a must for any complementary software solutions. Back-end integration and bi-directional exchange with SAP ECC and now SAP S/4HANA are run-of-the-mill for Viamedici’s software solutions – EPIM enterprise platform, Multi-Domain Master Data Management, Product Information Management 360°, Digital Asset Management, and Dynamic Product Configuration (CPQ) for guided selling. Thanks to this seamless integration, Viamedici solutions enhance SAP in many different ways, including by:

  • extracting existing rule sets from SAP, such as those in SAP Variant Configuration, and supplementing them;
  • exporting product information from SAP, adding multimedia content to it, and then syndicating it to multiple channels in real-time;
  • feeding digital media into business processes in SAP,
  • synchronizing with SAP to create and order new SKUs when new products are created in the Dynamic Product Configurator, speeding up time to market;
  • and more.  

2. Single source of truth

Creating a golden record, or a single source of truth, is the key to controlling data and information in SAP. All of Viamedici’s solutions are developed around the principle of establishing a single source of truth. Viamedici MDM and PIM 360°, for example, integrate with SAP and enable this golden record to be rolled out across the entire organization and across all channels. Not only are errors and duplicates eliminated this way – it also means that no matter where the users are based around the world, they always have access to the latest, accurate information. As a result, valuable insights can be generated thanks to the real-time visibility of reliable data.

3. Ability to process unstructured data

Viamedici’s solutions are designed to manage structured and non-structured product data from heterogeneous environments with disparate data sources and multiple domains, including suppliers, customers, markets, regions, accounts, and products. Through this flexible approach, information stored in SAP can, therefore, be enhanced with valuable unstructured data.

4. Automated data cleansing, optimization, harmonization, and enrichment

Implementing an MDM initiative in collaboration with Viamedici goes a long way toward supporting the migration to S/4HANA and capturing unstructured data. Product data can be extracted from SAP and other systems and managed in Viamedici MDM and PIM. It is cleansed, optimized, harmonized, and enriched before syndication to multiple channels or migration to the new SAP environment.

5. Higher-quality data

By establishing a single source of truth and performing automated tasks to cleanse, optimize, harmonize, and enrich data for SAP, whether for ongoing operations or ahead of migration to S/4HANA, the quality of data stored in the SAP ecosystem is massively improved. A significant onus is placed on data quality in Viamedici solutions, and this same principle is transferred to the information stored in SAP, helping to keep it lean and clean.

SAP customers choose Viamedici because our solutions are flexible, scalable, fully integrated with SAP, and help them maximize return on their SAP investment. Experts in the SAP ecosystem, we understand the challenges customers face when managing multiple domains, and we develop software with a headless design that adapts to the different domains in SAP and their needs. Managing data complexity for a vast product portfolio is significantly simpler with Viamedici and end-to-end integration with SAP. We are also the only company to offer PIM with integrated guided selling.

Contact us to learn about the multi-billion-dollar companies like Trumpf and Kärcher that are already running Viamedici and SAP together.

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