5. March 2024

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Viamedici and Sustain360™ Forge Partnership to Launch Digital Product Passports for Environmental Compliance

Delaware, March 5, 2024 — Viamedici and Sustain360™ announce a partnership to offer a cost-effective solution for meeting the new environmental standards through the creation of Digital Product Passports. These passports will detail a product’s sustainability, environmental impact, and recyclability, utilizing cutting-edge Web 3.0 technologies, including GenAi, Blockchain, and Graph databases.

This collaboration responds to the European Commission’s March 2022 EcoDesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR), which introduces the requirement for Digital Product Passports to enhance transparency around a product’s lifecycle, durability, and use of recycled materials.

Al Bissmeyer, Global VP of Viamedici, said, “Digital Product Passport documentation and validation are becoming mandatory requirements for all companies conducting business in Europe. Our Product Information Management solution EPIM provides a platform to manage product information and communicate it via channels digitally while Sustain360 cost-effectively helps companies analyze, document, and validate their environmental impact.”

Baz Khuti, CEO of Sustain360™, emphasizes that “Sustain360™, software can generate sustainable digital twins of physical products, helping companies achieve their decarbonization goals. The partnership with Viamedici EPIM marks a significant step in providing evidence based environmental footprints that comply with EU Digital Product Passport regulations.”

Jurgen Muller, CEO and Founder of Viamedici, states, “The partnership offers significant benefits to their customers, especially the 400+ doing business in Europe, driving the need for data-driven and transparent sustainable reporting.  We are engaging with early adopter customers to showcase the partnership’s potential.”

About Viamedici:

Founded in 1999, Viamedici is a global leader in MDM, PIM, DAM, and CPQ software, renowned for high customer retention, satisfaction, and adoption. Headquartered in Germany, Viamedici also operates in the US. Visit www.Viamedici.com for more information.

About Sustain360™:

Based in the US, Sustain360™ offers an integrated software platform for ESG, Life Cycle Assessments, and Climate Risk assessments at the design phase, enabling clients to measure, report, and reduce their products’ environmental impact. For further details, visit www.sustain360.ai.

About European Commission (Digital Product Passport):

The ESPR by the European Commission mandates Digital Product Passports to improve product transparency regarding lifecycle, durability, and recycled material use.

Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation – European Commission

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